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Dushanbe Airport (IATA: DYU, ICAO: UTDD) is an airport located in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

Being located in the destination designated as Dushanbe, the Dushanbe Airport is indeed a delight for the passengers as it caters varied services in a truly graceful way. It is categorized as a ‘civil airport’ as both the common masses as well as the officials belonging to the armed forces like the Military. Moreover, the Dushanbe Airport relishes the reputation of being one of the most sought-after airheads in Tajikistan. Its features at a glance:

  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) code is ‘UTTD’.
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) code is ‘DYU’.
  • The runaway provided to the aircrafts is paved solidly to avoid unprecedented mishaps.
  • The runway, in fact, stretches across an area measuring 10,100 feet.
  • It possesses an officially published instrument approac.
  • Airport Data: International, Location: Near (5 km/3 Miles) Dushanbe, Tajikistan , Position 38°32´36"N, 068°49´30"E, Elevation 785m (2 575ft), 24 hours, 1 Passenger Terminal, 1 Cargo Terminal, 1 Aircraft Stand
    Time Zone: UTC+5
  • Airfield Data: Max Runway: 10170 x 147 feet (3100 x 45 meters) Surface: ASPHALT Fire Category 7
    Emergency Services: SRG, HEL-H
    Navigational Aids: VOR-DME, NDB, PAR
    Aircraft Maintenance: Aircraft Maintenance Base
    Refuelling: (+99247) 4411129
    Runway 1: Heading 09/27, 3 100m (10 170ft), 72 F/C/W/T, ICAO Cat. 4D, Aircraft size max: IL76, Lighting: HILS, Rwy 09, ILS, Rwy 27, No ILS
  • Airlines Serving Airport: Air Baltic Corporation A/S, Altyn Air, Ariana Afghan Airlines, China Southern, Domodedovo Airlines, Iran Aseman Airlines, Kam Air, Kyrgyzstan Airlines, Orenair, Russian Sky Airlines, Sibavia, Tatarstan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, UTair, Ural Airlines
  • Cargo Facilities: Aircraft Maintenance, Mechanical Handling, X-Ray Equipment. Passenger Facilities: Bureau de Change, Cafeterias, Bars, VIP Lounge, Taxi Service/Rank, First A

Transportation to and from the Dushanbe Airportrtrt

Bus, Minibus, Taxi, Train
Bus Info: Bus #2, #8 and  #12 run into the centre 0600-1800. Takes 20 mins.
Minibus Info: The most common way to get around Dushanbe is by marshrutka or minibuses that follow a fixed route. You can get on or get off anywhere along the route. Flag down a minibus by standing by the roadside and extending your arm. After you get on, pay the fare. When you want to get off, tell the driver to stop. You can use the Tajik phrase, Haminjo eested. Airport Routes are:
Minibus #1: Giprozem (south) - Sakovat Bazaar - Circus - War Memorial - Aini Street - Airport
Minibus #8: Airport - Aini Street - Rudaki Avenue - Ismoil Somoni Street - 102nd microdistrict (west).
Taxi: ~TJS Airport 3/10-15 mins to the city. It is recommended that you only use officially licensed taxis. Before getting into the car, ensure the driver understands where you want to go, and agree the fare. Taxis in Tajikistan do not have meters, so it helps if you know the approximate fare before you begin.
Train: There is a station near the airport, and trains run on lines #3 and #4 to the city 0600-1900. Takes 20 mins.

Obtaining your visa at Dushanbe Airport

When you arrive at the airport, go to the consular office before you clear passport control. You will need to present your passport, your letter of invitation, and the appropriate fee (see below). It will help if you bring the exact change. You should also carry a few passport photos, although in practice these are not usually asked for. Visa fees at Dushanbe Airport: One week USD $45 - Two weeks USD $55 - One month USD $65Obtaining your visa at the airport is quick and convenient. Depending on what flight you arrive on, you may have to queue to get your visa. Probably you will still clear passport control before your bags are ready for collection.

Customs at Dushanbe Airport

When you arrive at Tajikistan's border (whether a land border or at the airport), you will be required to fill in a customs declaration form. The form is usually only available in Russian, although sometimes an English translation is available at Dushanbe airport. If you are carrying more than USD $500 cash (or equivalent), and plan to take this money with you when you leave Tajikistan, make sure that you declare the full amount on your customs form. Otherwise you may find yourself having to answer awkward questions about where your money came from. You should also declare any other valuables that you intend to take with you when you leave Tajikistan. This may include your computer, camera and jewelery.You should fill in two copies of the customs declaration form on arrival. One copy will be handed in, and you should keep the second copy in a safe place. Make sure that the copy that you keep has been stamped by an official. The customs officials may be quite happy to let you leave without having your own copy of the declaration, but this can cause problems when you try to leave the country. On departure, fill in another declaration stating what cash and valuables you are taking with you (just one copy this time). Hand this in with your original customs form as you depart. For further info visit http://www.traveltajikistan.com/

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